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Höveler Western Sport 44 lb bag

Energy rich & low grain feed for all disciplines
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Höveler Western Sport is a high-energy, but low-grain muesli that completely covers the vital nutrient requirements of medium to intensively trained western horses.

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Höveler Western Sport is an energy rich but low grain muesli that completely covers the vital substance needs of moderately to intensively trained western horses. Experience has shown that the energy requirements of western horses are somewhat lower than those of many other horses. Nevertheless, the need for amino acids, vitamins and trace elements is identical to other breeds used in tournament disciplines. Taking these factors into account, this tasty and highly digestible muesli was created, in which oats were deliberately avoided. Thanks to the fully vitaminized and mineralized formula, Western Sport can be used as the sole crib food. Alfalfa, soy extraction meal and pea flakes also provide an optimal ratio of essential amino acids for targeted muscle building. Western Sport therefore offers good support in muscle building not only for Western horses that are exposed to increased demands in competition sports, but also for horses of other breeds.

Key Benefits:


Key Ingredients:

Alfalfa, barley flakes, sunflower husks, sunflower extraction meal feed, linseed cake, corn flakes, barley, carob meal, pea flakes, sunflower oil, molasses, calcium carbonate, wheat bran, soy extraction meal feed, corn, sodium chloride, monocalcium phosphate, brewer’s yeast inactivated, linseed oil, magnesium oxide

Analytical components and digestibility

Crude protein: 14.0%
Crude fat: 6.10%
Crude fiber: 16.7%
Crude ash: 8.40%

Digestible energy per kg DM: 12.19 MJ 
Metabolizable energy per kg DM: 11.21 MJ
Digestible crude protein per kg DM: 107 g  

Starch content: 18.30%
Sugar content: 5.30%

Set elements

Calcium: 1.44%
Phosphorus: 0.50%
Magnesium: 0.23%
Sodium: 0.36%

Lysine: 0.58%
Methionine: 0.24%
Threonine: 0.53% 


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