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Höveler Pur Gastro 44 lb bag

Pellet feed from PURITAN range to support the stomach
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With the PURITAN feed range Höveler offers for the first time the possibility to feed horses, which have to be fed without grain and molasses, in a high quality and according to demand. With PUR.GASTRO the PURITAN line is supplemented by a feed which supports the stomach health by the innovative composition purposefully.

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PUR.GASTRO is free of grain and molasses, fully mineralized and vitaminized and promotes the vitality and performance of horses through the precisely coordinated components. Due to its harmonious composition, PUR.GASTRO is suitable as crib food for existing problems as well as for prevention of sensitive horses and can be individually adjusted to the needs of the horse. Thus Pur.Gastro can be used both as the sole feed for the crib and as a supplement and upgrading of the existing ration.

Key Benefits:


Key Ingredients:

The carefully selected, high-quality and proven gentle components make PUR.GASTRO the ideal crib food for horses sensitive to stomachs.


Linseed hulls, Sunflower hulls, Chicory pulp, Linseed, Thimothy grass, Pea flakes, Linseed expeller, Apple pulp, Calium carbonate, Monocalcium phosphate, Sodium cloride, Grape seed middlings, Magnesium oxide, Beta glucans

Starch: 10,2 %
Sugar: 2,9 %

Analytical components:

DE/kg TM  9,75 MJ
ME/kg TM  8,30 MJ
Crude protein: 10,9 %
Crude fiber: 24,9 %
Crude ash: 9,7 %
Crude fat: 6,8 %
Calcium: 1,2 %
Phosphorus: 0,5 %
Sodium: 0,4 %
Magnesium: 0,4 %


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