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equinova Digest Pro Powder 1 kg bucket

To reduce watery stool and promote healthy intestinal functioning
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Due to pectins, seaweeds and bicarbonates Digest Pro helps to regain the natural functions, reduce the water content in faeces and balance electrolyte losses.

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Horses often react to stressful situations (transport, tournaments or change of feed) with digestive disorders. In order to bring the irritated gastrointestinal tract back into balance, it is necessary to supply special substances that can both reduce the water content in the feces and restore balance in the intestinal tract.

Key Benefits:

Cures Watery Stool | Intestine Activation | Regeneration

Key Ingredients:

Propectins, algae and bicarbonates support this process. Sodium, potassium and chlorides compensate for electrolyte losses and betaine, as an osmoregulator, reduces water loss from the cells.


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