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derbymed Myocrescat 1300 g

To stimulate muscle development
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Myocrescat is a Feed supplement for horses to build and develop muscles/musculature.

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Category: Medi Care

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Myocrescat is a unique formulation containing 18 natural amino acids, L-carnitine and vitamin E. Horses need well-developed muscles to be able to perform at the highest level.

Key Benefits:

Aids performance & regeneration | Promote muscle development | Boost muscle growth | Optimised energy supply

Key Ingredients:

Myocrescat is rich in amino acids, which are essential for healthy muscle tissue growth. L-carnitine is very important for the maintenance of muscle function, to optimise energy supply to the muscle cells and to increase oxygen intake in high-performance horses. Also L-carnitine decreases degenerative processes in the muscle tissue that may occur in older horses or when feed intake is reduced.


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