Our Feeds and Supplements Now fed at Hof Kasselmann Stables in Wellington, Florida!

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards serving the equestrian community with excellence. Our premium-quality feeds and supplements are now proudly available at the prestigious Hof Kasselmann Stables located in beautiful Wellington, Florida.

About Hof Kasselmann Stables: Renowned for their commitment to excellence in training, care, and equestrian sports, Hof Kasselmann Stables stands as a beacon of quality and professionalism in the horse riding world. Their dedication to top-tier facilities and expert training makes them a sought-after destination for riders and enthusiasts alike.

Our Partnership: Our collaboration with Hof Kasselmann Stables represents a shared vision of promoting optimal health, performance, and well-being for horses. By making our feeds and supplements available at this esteemed location, we aim to support the exceptional care and training provided by Hof Kasselmann’s experienced team.

Quality and Benefits: At  bifid, we prioritize quality, nutrition, and results. Our feeds and supplements are crafted using premium ingredients and backed by scientific research to ensure the highest standards of performance and health for horses. From specialized diets to targeted supplements, each product is designed to meet the unique needs of horses in training, competition, and everyday vitality.

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