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About Us

The initial idea was to concentrate in formulas for our own animals and the neighbouring animal owners in their small shed to ensure that they all can at least benefit from a decent product which would be nutritionally rich enough to fulfil the needs of the animals. Years of research on existing products out and about in all major markets had led the company observe the defeat in trust between the animal feed and supplements suppliers and the end users in the UK.

This was the flashing moment for the future of the company. Seeking small feed mills and secretive mixers was the production facility at the time. A team of compassionate advisors, coaches, nutritionists & friends gathered together to formulate products which would put smiles on all our faces.

We initiated the production of equestrian feed for our own horses to reduce wastage of money, increase efficiency and frankly to observe some results. The company then expanded the production to other livestock animals including poultry, cattle & swine.

We believe that to understand an existing problem you need to feel the problem, see the problem and touch the problem in order to be able to tackle it. Today we are proud to say that we still are a farmer, a breeder, a rider, a coach, a nutritionist, a vet and a customer of our own products! Now we can all trust & benefit from the products which was grown from the root.